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TC Wahoo XL - Lure Set

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  • TC Wahoo XL - Wahoo's Worst Nightmare!

    The TC Wahoo XL is extra-long with the skirt measuring 16". The 20oz head is machine drilled with eight vent holes, which creates a huge smoke trail. It also has internal chambers with stainless steel balls that rattle when trolled. Wahoo Special is precision machined to exacting tolerances and includes a special 360 degree turbulence ring. Troll between 8 to 20 knots.

    Rigged with a double hook set. A Mustad 7691S 10/0 keel weighted rear hook and a Mustad 7732-SS 10/0 forward hook with 800lb cable, heat shrink, 300lb BB swivel and shackle. All rigged with 8ft 300lb test Momoi.

    Weight: 20 oz  /  Length: 16 in


    Also sold individually.