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Swordfish Float & Flag

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  • A 7"x14" Spongex float rigged with a 12"x18" Sword Flag. Total length is 36" making it very easy to see. Made with a stainless eye with a long line clip for attaching to the loop on the main leader. (no cable or mono rigging that can tangle and fail). There is a stainless eye on the top above the flag for attaching a light if you need to.

    SPONGEX 7″ X 14″ surface and marker floats are constructed from hardened PVC foam for maximum toughness, weather resistance and long service life.

    These heavy-duty buoys are resistant to sunlight, oil, gasoline, saltwater, abrasion and other inherent hazards. With a bouncy capacity of 16.5lbs they are perfect for a Float-line set-up.