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Striper Sub-Chain with Gooney Birds

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  • Gooney Birds create sub-surface action like no other and adding a couple in front of any lure will be sure to make your lures more noticeable. 

    This Sub-Surface chain is made with 2 4" Gooney Birds on 9" droppers, 275lb test AFW cable, swivel sleeves and a 90lb AFW BB Snap Swivel. Bluefish can't bite through any part of this. The rig is 3ft overall and can be used with any combination of lures, Stretch, Rapalas, Spoons or your own favorite.

    Attach the lure of choice to snap swivel and let it out from any position. The lure should be rigged with mono of your choice in pound test and from 24" to 36" in length.

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