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Strictly Artificials Lure Set (No Natural Baits)

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  • Four of the most effective artificial lures you can pull:

    • Cuban Hole 30
    • Cuban Hole 50
    • Tuna Snack
    • Laceration Plug

    All rigged with Momoi mono, Quickrig Stainless Hooks, and Chafe Gear.  Cuban Holes & Tuna Snack are stiff rigged with 600lb Cable.

    • Cuban Holes - The only lures with heads that turn and adjust to the sea conditions, allowing the skirt and hook-set to remain stable, and resulting in a higher hook-up ratio.  The 50 is best pulled from a long rigger or shot-gun position, while the 30 is best pulled from a short rigger.
    • Tuna Snack - Can be pulled from any position and will raise & catch just about anything it attracts.
    • Laceration Plug - With action like none other, these lures can be pulled from a flat-line position or just back of the prop wash, and will consistently catch tuna.