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Slow Trolling Nitinol Dredge


Starting From: $99.95

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  • A 6-arm Dredge made with an extremely strong yet very flexible material called Nitinol. Nitinol is the same material used in making rims for eye glasses as well as stints for heart arteries to name a few applications. The material is quite expensive but is perfect for a slow trolling dredge applications and using heavier teaser baits.

    The arms are all 1/8" diameter but considerably more flexible than stainless or titanium arms of the same diameter. The Nitinol arms allow you to rig with heavier baits and still get the flex that forms a great bait-ball. Natural Mullet or Ballyhoo with chin weights or artificail teaser baits.

    Nitinol will flex and come right back to straight.It will not take a set.

    These dredges with the Nitinol should be trolled at 5kts or less which makes them perfect for Sail fishing. Available 6-arm with two connections per arm either 24" or 36" arms or without connections.