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Rigged Hoo's Your Daddy Lures, Leaders & Weights for HIGH & LOW SPEED Trolling - Set of 4

8600- WSET

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  • When trolling at speeds in excess of 10 knots a much different set-up is called for when targeting Wahoo. More weight is required for greater depth of the lures, and a length of mono leader is needed to absorb the initial shock of a strike.

    All of our Hoo's Your Daddy Wahoo lures are rigged with Keel Weighted Stainless Hook sets.

    The High Speed Wahoo Kit has all that is necessary for the higher speeds….Lures are rigged with 24in 600lb test cable, 20ft 200lb mono shock leaders with 250lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivels at each end, and 32oz and 24oz trolling weights rigged on 600lb test cable.

    Bullet Head Diameter - 1.25in 

    Bullet Head Length - 3.4in 

    Bullet Skirted Length - 14in 

    Bullet Skirted Weight - 9.2oz

    Cup Head Diameter - 1.25in 

    Cup Head Length - 3.35in 

    Cup Skirted Length - 14in 

    Cup Skirted Weight - 9.5oz