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Pulse Dredge Tandem w/19 3D Stick Baits

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  • Pulse Dredges all have arms that are made with a proprietary cable. This material results in extremely flexible arms that will actually pulse with action and create a more natural bait ball. The arms will hold there shape and flex but will not take a set or break.


    This tandem set-up consists of a 24" 6-arm Pulse dredge with a total of 12 connection points. This is connected to an 18" 6-arm Pulse dredge with 7 connection points. Each is rigged with 19 3D Stick Baits.


    Each is available with 9" 3D Ballyhoo or 9" 3D Mullet. Complete Pulse Dredge comes in a standard 40" Dredge storage bag.