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Premium Stainless Ballyhoo Rigs-Pack of 2-Weighted

Stainless hooks will last considerably longer and stay sharper.  

Starting From: $16.95

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  • This rig is made with a 2X strong stainless needle eye Southern Tuna hook.This is the only needle eye hook that has a smooth eye opening that will not cut through mono leader. Other needle eye hooks you must use wire or cable as the mono will not hold up.

    The hook on the top of the image is the stainless hook and the stamped eye hook is on the bottom. Note the sharp edges of the stamped hook.

    Each rig is provided with a standard pin with a bait spring. A nylon thimble and crimp are provided to finish the rig after adding an Island lure or Joe Shute or any other type of skirting.

    Unlike some ring eye hooks with a large eye, these needle eye hooks are very easy to get up in the throat latch and between the gills.

    The 7/0 is rigged with 150lb Momoi mono,

    The 8/0 is rigged with 200lb Momoi mono,

    The 9/0 and 10/0 are rigged with 250lb Momoi mono.

    Also available with wire leaders:

    7/0 & 8/0 are rigged with #10 wire

    9/0 & 10/0 are rigged with #12 wire

    Rigs with chin weights are unique in that they have a 1/4" of lateral play for ease of setting the weight between the gills. 

    Includes 2 rigs per pack.