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Squid Rig w/800lb test Dyneema & "J" Hooks


An extremely flexible and strong single or double hook rig that is perfect for Swordfish squids. Easy to rig and with the least amount of tedious sewing.

Starting From: $21.95

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  • A single or double hook rig with spliced hollow core Dyneema rated at 800lb test. One of the main features of the rig is how flexible a bait will remain after rigging, especially squids. No heavy mono inside the squid which stiffens it. No measuring to determine hook stops for correct placement and no crimping.

    The front hook and the rear hook are attached with a spliced loop. The hooks can be changed simply by removing the loop thru the eye of the hook and threading the loop thru the eye of the new hook. Both splices are 100% and will not fail.

    By removing the rear hook before rigging the squid, a standard open eye needle can be used to pull the Dyneema loop thru the bait. Once the loop is exposed the hook can be attached and set in the bait.

    This also can be rigged with only a single hook too. Single hook rigs are with a 7699 Mustad.

    Hooks on these rigs are Mustad 7731 front and Mustad 7699 offset rear. From eye to eye the length is between 6 and 7".

    Hook Sets rigged with mono are 8ft of 250lb test Momoi for the 9/0 & 10/0 and the 11/0 all with chafe thimble, bead and crimp for the leader end.

    Dyneema Hook Strap can be used with any hooks you prefer. Change hooks without any cutting and crimping mono. These straps can be used for some time but eventually they will have to be changed just as with all terminal tackle.