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Mullet Express Splash Surface Teaser

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  • Over the last 4 years our 3D Stick Baits have proven to be one of the best artificial baits there is when applied to a dredge teaser, creating more flash and action and at the same time creating less drag while being extremely durable. 3D Stick Baits are very effective and unlike other baits which require rigging with mono, crimps and weights etc. to change, 3D Stick Baits just quickly snap on and off.

    As effective as 3D Stick Baits are on Dredge Teasers we now offer them rigged on a series of 3D Surface Teasers. In combination with the Islander Express these daisy chain style teasers are a great addition to any spread. All are available in 5 3D Stick Bait colors which are all silver on one side and on the other side Blue, Pink, Silver, Gold, and Chartreuse.

    Each is rigged with 7ft 300lb test Momoi Mono, swivel sleeves, 350lb test snap swivel, and chafe guard. Adding a Spanish Mackeral, Mullet, or Horse Ballyhoo to the snap swivel inside the Express makes this teaser one of the most effective there is.

    Image: Rigged with a 7in Splash Bird