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LTL LEADER - 480lb Stainless Leader with Loop and Heavy 3oz Swivel - 6ft plus 2 3D

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  • The Tournament Cable Flash/Enhancer Shark Rig takes your traditional Shark Rig to the next level. Its unique design incorporates a teaser into the rig – with enough flash and attraction to draw the fish to your bait, but not so much as to detract from the bait itself. And while you may think the little bit of added flash might not make that much of a difference, the results speak for themselves, and they speak volumes.

    Rigged with Tournament Cable 3D Stickbaits, flashers each measure 9 " by 1 1/2".

    Before you head out to try to catch a slob, stock up on Tournament Cable Flash/ Enhancer Shark Rigs.

    You'll be glad that you did.