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LP-S1200/Rod/Line/Gear- Giant Tuna/Big Eye Package


Package Includes:
1- Custom Giant Tuna Rod.
LP-S1200 Reel- Spooled
Wind-on Leaders, Top-Shots & Terminal Gear

Call or email if you have specific requirements for a more custom set-up.

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  • This is a total, complete set-up designed for Giant Tuna or Big Eye Tuna.. All of what is included centers around the very best and most popular electric reel today..the LP-S1200 coupled with the finest custom rod and all the accessories needed to get started with all the best. 

    Spooling an LP with braided line requires a considerable amount of drag pressure.

    Set-up includes:

    • 1 LP-S1200 12 Volt Electric Reel spooled.
    • 1 3000yard 80lb test hollow core hi-vis braid
    • 1 Custom Premium Giant Tuna/Sword Rod
    • Pack of 4 100yd 130lb test Diamond TopSots.
    • 4 500lb test Ball Bearing Swivels
    • Pack of 4 250lb test Wind-On Leaders 25ft.