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Looped Mustad 7691S w/300lb Test 8' Leader


Starting From: $19.95

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  • This is a single hook rig with the opposite end of the leader not crimped. A proper size crimp is provided to form the loop end which will attach to the snap swivel of the main line once the squid is rigged.

    The hook on this rig is attached by way of a loop formed at the end of the leader. The loop runs through the eye and over the bend and pulled tight. This feature makes it very simple to change hook style and/or size.

    Rigging baits would be the same as with any single hook squid rig.

    When rigging, the leader is run up through the squid and out the tip. When the hook is set and the bead stop and tubing is positioned and the bait is sewn with floss the leader would then be crimped