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Kingfish Dredge with 18 Baits and 32oz Weight

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  • Finally a dredge made exclusively for targeting Kingfish!

    Dredge Teasers have proven to be extremely effective for raising all kinds of fish: Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin...just to name a few.  Until now there has never been a dredge that could stand up to the toothy Kingfish. Their teeth rip apart the usual dredge baits and in most cases the dredge itself. Each dredge is a Triple Tier 6-arm constructed with 3/32" stainless arms. The connectors between the tiers are made of 3/32" titanium solid rods. A heavy snap swivel on one end and a formed loop on the other. Heavy split rings are attached to the machined hubs and are used for the connecting rods.

    The 18 teaser baits are #4 spoons. These silver, highly reflective metal baits create a tremendous amount of action and flash, but also hold up to the ferocious teeth of the Kingfish. This dredge is indestructible! The SKA dredge fits in a 5 gallon bucket, provided with each purchase. There are two to choose from, one without a weight and one with a 32oz weight formed into the titanium connecting rod. *Keeping the weight inside the teaser makes it appear more natural.

    These are dredge teasers that fit the needs of most SKA tournament participants. Normally fishing from a center console, the outriggers could not handle the weight of a traditional dredge. The SKA dredge is small and lightweight, making it more apt to be trolled from a T-Top outrigger. With the narrow beam of the center consoles, and the limited cockpit space, these dredges are much easier to handle than the much larger ones. 

    We have created a smaller, lightweight dredge without compromising the effectiveness!