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Ilander Lure Rigged - Set of 6

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  • Set of 6 Ilander Lures rigged and ready to troll. Each is rigged with a 3407 2x strong "J" hook and Momoi mono leader. A Pin and spring is rigged to the hook and leader making it  easy to rig Ballyhoos.

    Each set consists of 2 Ilansder Originals, 2 Ilander JR'S and 2 Ilander Trackers.

    Trackers are rigged with a 7/0 hook and 8ft 150lb mono.

    Ilander JR'S are rigged with a 8/0 hook and 8ft of 200lb mono.

    Ilander Originals are rigged with 9/0 hook and 8ft of 200lb mnono.

    Set comes complete in a roll up storage bag.