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Haywire Forming Tool for #2 thru #22 Wire


This precisely machined tool is balanced down to the .001, ensuring a perfectly formed haywire twist with barrel wraps every time, therefore eliminating unnecessary breakage due to uneven distribution of pressure when hooked up.

This Haywire Tool also comes with two wire bending tools, a pair of bending pliers that works very well with light wire and the original Loop forming tool that will form a loop in three sizes and all wire sizes.

The addition of these tools adds to the value but the total price is remaining the same.

Regular Price: $389.95

Special Price $319.95

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  • The Tournament Cable Haywire Twist Machine has revolutionized haywire twists like no other advancement has. Adjustable to handle any sized wire from #2 to #22, with the simple turn of a crank this machine produces a perfect haywire in a matter of seconds. With adaptations made to accommodate hooks, swivels, rings, or anything else you’d like to attach to your loop, this tool has everything you need. Perfect for making mullet wires, shark rigs, leaders, or hook rigs, the Tournament Cable Haywire Twist Machine will forever change the way you work with wire.

    So efficient that Mustad has nearly two dozen of these machines in their assembly facility!

    The Tournament Cable Haywire Twist Machine comes with an instructional DVD, 30’ coil of wire, and a lifetime warranty. Each unit measures only 10in x 7in x 3in, and weighs less than 4lbs. The tool can be bench mounted, or used in the cockpit or salon. Loop forming tools are optional, and are sold separately.

    Note: The haywire machine comes in a standard utility storage box. This machine no longer comes with a bag nor suction cups.