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Harpoon Tail Cable-Wrap Accessory

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  • This Tail Cable-Wrap can be easily and quickly added to one of our Tournament Cable Harpoons. Once the fish is stuck with the harpoon dart, lower the other end of the pole with the Cable-Wrap into the water and set the open cable coil over the tail of the fish and cinch it tight around the tail. Even if you will not be harpooning the fish, the Tail Cable-Wrap can come in handy especially on the smaller fish.

    A 7ft vinyl covered stainless cable w a stainless pole ring at one end and stainless snap at the other end. The ring can be slid over the eye connection at the end of the pole and then snap the other end to the eye. With one hand on the pole with the cable you can adjust the size of the loop you'll need to fit over the tail of the fish. Once the cable is around the tail just let go of the cable and with both hands and arms pull back the pole to cinch up the cable.