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G-Stick Set and Accessories


A Green Stick System for sport boats regardless of size, WITHOUT the Green Stick!! Great for catching all species especially tuna!

Enjoy all the advantages of a commercial Green Stick set-up, but on a much easier and smaller scale.  Equally effective, without the fuss and all the extra, expensive gear required.

G-Stick Set comes complete with Heavy Splash/Bar & Stinger, Wind-On Leader and Dangler.

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  • “G-Stick” Leaders w/Danglers & “G-Stick” Splash/Bar

    With our “G-Stick" you can have a similar set-up as the commercial boats, while still experiencing the increased hook-ups and effectiveness.  Regardless of the size boat you have, the “G-Stick" will perform!  Keep your eyes on the dangler and watch for the Tuna coming right out of the water for it.

    There are three individual components that make up the system and are all included with the Set:

    1. A Special 35ft Wind-On Leader w/ Dropper Loop Spliced
    2. A Heavy 36” Medium Flex Splash/Bar w/3 Birds-Rigged w/Heavy Tuna Tangos & Stinger
    3. A Rigged Dangler Stinger Bait

    How does it all work? Simple!

    Tie the line from the reel to the swivel at the end of the wind-on leader. This swivel is stainless steel and rated at 220lbs.

    Attach the snap swivel at the end of the wind-on leader to the Splash/Bar. Ths is a 250lb BB Snap Swivel.

    Let the splash/Bar out into the spread.

    When the loop on the wind-on comes off the rod tip attach the long-line clip on the Dangler to the loop. The Dangler is rigged with a 7691 Southern Tuna hook and 3ft of 300lb momoi leader. Swivel on the clip is rated at 660lbs.

    Continue letting line out until the dangler is just bouncing on the surface in front of the Slash/Bar.

    For best results this should all be in the long rigger release clip. Let line out until the Dangler bait is just bouncing on the surface and it is now in the right position in the spread. The higher the point off the rigger the further back the Splash/Bar can be placed in the spread.

    When hooked-up you will be fighting the fish with the Splash/Bar, when the loop and long-line clip reach the rod tip reach over and disconnect the clip from the wind-on. That fish is yours.

    Note: The Splash/Bar can be fished with its Stinger attached and without the Dangler in front the Splash/Bar or can be fished without the Stinger and just the Dangler in front. Either way you will only catch one fish at a time. However, if you really feel adventurous you can fish with both the Splash/Bar Stinger and the Dangler, be ready for two fish on at the same time and all hell breaking loose. 

    In a standard commercial green stick there are normally 3 or 4 rigged danglers. With the G-Stick system you can only have one dangler. However, you can run three of the G-Sticks, one from the center rigger and one from each long or short rigger positions.


    First time out with the G-Stick, the 61 Viking "Mary Ann", out of Barnegat, NJ, landed a nice Tuna. The crew positioned the G-Sick down the center from the short rigger position and found it very easy to set up and deploy.