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EZ/6 Lite Collapsible Dredge Triple Set w/31 Teaser Baits

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  • This is a triple tier set of EZ/6 Lite Collapsible Dredges. Set consists of a 30", 24" and 18" dredge, 2 connectors, 30 Duo-lock snaps, wrench and spread notes. All come complete in a standard Flambau storage box. 31 Baits are included with this particular set.

    The Lite collapsible dredge is made with lighter 3/32" arms. The lighter arms will create more flex and therefore are made straight unlike the heavier EZ/6 dredges, which are bent to a Tier-Drop design. Lighter baits should be used on the lite dredge and slower speeds. If rigged with the proper teaser baits the 6 arms will fold back to a degree forming a tight bait ball. 

    All EZ/6 dredges have replaceable arms which can be changed in a matter of a few minutes. 

    The 18" has 7 connections points, the 24',30 ' have 13 connection points.