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DownSea Pre-Rigged Shad


Starting From: $7.95

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  • It's no secret that the shad body, especially the 9", is one of the best and most effective artificial dredge baits on the market, BUT until now they have had many shortcomings such as major time needed to rig them right and also the snapping off of tails on the daily. Fish Downsea Dredge Shads are the first of their kind, pre rigged and ready to clip on your dredge. Internally weighted, V-notched tails, wired through and ready to raise fish!

    • No rigging a weight to the head..it has been molded inside the bait.
    • No rigging with mono ..the wire has been molded in the bait.
    • No stitching with floss.
    • No notching the tail..it was notched when molded.
    • Stronger and more durable rubber material unlike any others.
    • All rigged and ready to attach to any dredge teaser.