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Double Keel Weighted Hook Set w/20ft Leader


Starting From: $39.95

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  • A Keel Weighted Hook provides a stable position for the hook inside the skirt. Because of the weighted hook in combination with the Ball Bearing Swivel the hook will always ride upright regardless of the movement of the head or the skirt. This results in an increase in the hookup ration.

    For a Keel Weighted hook set to perform they way it is intended a swivel MUST be part of the rig.

    The rear hook is stainless with a 1oz keel weight, the front hook is a Mustad 7732 Soutern/Tuna style,cable is 600lb stainless and a 350 or 500lb ball bearing swivel depending upon the size hooks. A stainless Bow Shackle makes it very easy to change hooks sets and connecting the leader.

    Start increasing your hook-up ration now.

    Hook Sets are available with 20ft of Momoi Leader material or 20ft of Fluoro-Carbon. Both come with the proper chafe gear for each end of the leader. A single crimp sleeve is provided to finish the leader once passed thru the lure head.