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Daisy Chain Plus


Finally, significant changes to the old squid teaser chain. The Daisy Chain Plus.

Run all week long during the Mid-Atlantic and this raises Marlin. A Daisy Chain Teaser like no other.

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  • Unlike typical chain teasers, this one has squids running on the surface while there is a single larger Bonita type lure running below the squids. This gives the appearance of a predator chasing after the squids. Trolled exactly like any other teaser chain of squids, this Daisy Chain Plus adds a whole new dimension to a standard squid chain teaser.

    The Daisey Chain Plus is made up with 6 9" shell squids that run on the surface and connected to our Down-Bar. The Down-Bar is formed with 3/32" titanium with 3 connection snap swivels and an egg weight. The egg weight keeps the Down-Bar in the right position.

    Each 9" shell squid has a float inside and all rigged with 400lb Momoi mono. The 14" Flip-Tail Bonita is standard on all rigs and is connected to the bar with the snap swivel. The last squid in the chain has a snap swivel inside for attaching another teaser bait.

    The Down-Bar is 12" long with a 6" drop and the total length of the entire chain is 5ft. 

    Each Daisey Chain Plus comes in a storage bag.