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Cooler Gimbal


Instantly turn any cooler into a fighting chair!

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  • Quick and easy...you're into the fight!!

    The Cooler-Gimbal will turn any cooler into a temporary fighting chair when one is needed most!  Just open the lid of the cooler and drape the velcro straps over the side.  Once the lid is closed, sit down and place the rod butt into the gimbal.  

    Most boats do not have a fighting chair, especially center consoles, despite there being many occasions when one is called for.  Regardless of size, though, all boats do have a cooler or two. Many anglers have sat down on a cooler while fighting a fish, but there is only so much comfort achieved without a gimbal to set the rod butt into.  This is when the Cooler-Gimbal comes into play.

    The Cooler-Gimbal can be stowed almost anywhere as it takes up very little space.  Just pull it out when it's needed! If preferred, it can also be mounted permanently by drilling a couple of holes and bolting it to the cooler.