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Palm Beach Collapsible EZ-2 Teaser Bar - 1/8" Heavy Flex

A Spreader Bar that folds in half  for the easiest storage.

Starting From: $84.95

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  • This is a surface teaser bar that can be folded in half which creates easy storage taking up half the space of all other bars. Heavy Flex 1/8" stainless arms are all replaceable. Change the size/length  or replace bent or damaged arms.

    A precision stainless hub machined in the USA is the center of this teaser bar. Opens very easily and closes just as easy. A wrench and short torque bar are provided with each EZ-2.

    The 1/8" heavy flex stainless will accept heavier and larger teaser baits than the 3/32" medium flex bars. The total number will vary depending upon the size of the bar and the speeds trolled. Trial and error is required to arrive at the perfect rigging for your situation.

    When closing and tightening the hub in the closed position with the wrench provided hold the other side of the hub pliers to enable additional torque and keeping the hub closed. 

     The 36" has 2 swivels sleeves on each arm and the 48", 60" and 72" have 3 swivels sleeves per arm.

    The 60" and 72" have a bridle set-up connected to the center hub and bar.