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Chunking Teaser 6-Arm

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  • There are days when chunking you can see the tuna on the sounder just staying down on the bottom. This Chunking Teaser is a method to get their attention.

    This teaser is designed to drop to the bottom and then slowly retrieve to the surface  having Tuna hanging near the bottom to follow it up to your rigged baits.

    Attached to a 50 or 80lb outfit just let it down to the bottom. The free-swinging arms on the teaser will fold back when going down and will not tangle. When you are retrieving the teaser the arms will fold back again to the proper position. Now you have a compact bail ball to grab the tunas attention and follow it up.

    It is best to attach the teaser line to a clip on the out riggers. This will keep the teaser when fully retrieved hanging out of the way. 

    Each teaser is constructed with 3/32" Stainless arms with 3 teaser connections per arm. 18 3D Stick Bait peanut bunker are attached. Comes with a 400lb leader and a 1lb weight. All is supplied with a Tournament Cable bucket for easy storage.

    Note: Depending upon the drift and or current you made need to adjust the amount of weight on the rig.