• At Tournament Cable Inc. we combine experience, innovation, and technology to produce the ultimate global sport-fishing tackle. •

Charter Harpoon 1 Piece, 8 &1/2 Foot

With 50ft of 1900lb Dyneema to prevent accidental loss of the entire Harpoon during the end game and proprietary grips for a firm grip.

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  • Tournament Cable has long set the standard for quality, and our full line of Harpoons and Harpoon Accessories are no exception. Sturdy, no-nonsense harpoons made with the highest quality materials: Tournament Cable Harpoons are designed, engineered and fabricated for practicality, utility and durability. 

    Our harpoons feature twice the wall thickness of traditional harpoons, which means they are less likely to bend or warp. And in the odd chance that they do, the handle and head are detachable, meaning you only have to replace one piece instead of the whole harpoon.

    Considering different needs for different boats, it is not always necessary to have a cumbersome 12ft long set-up when it comes to your harpoon. Tournament Cable’s One-Piece Charter Harpoon is the perfect set-up for small boats, or for situations where you don’t necessarily have to throw. 8.5 foot long when fully assembled, each One-Piece Charter Harpoon comes with:

    • One 84" pole with grips
    • One Weighted Shaft Head 
    • One 18" Tapered Dart Shaft 
    • One Rigged Bronze Dart 
    • One Stainless Eye Bolt 
    • Jam Cleat for Dart Line
    • 50ft of 1900lb test Dyneema
    • A Storage Bag

    All Harpoons come with a cam for holding the dart line in place on the pole. No tape or any other method needed. The cam will accept our 1,900lb test Dyneema, or 1/4" twisted nylon.

    The patented Grip Material used on Tournament Cable Harpoons provides the best holding power, wet or dry, of anything you’ve ever seen. Rated at up to 700% better than rubber or leather, this subtle technology is powerful in its effectiveness and will help you throw your harpoon with deadly accuracy.  

    These are just some of the features that make Tournament Cable Harpoons stand head and shoulders above the competition. When it comes to quality Harpoons and End-Game Products, there is simply no comparison. Tournament Cable sets the standard.