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Bucket Teaser w/18 14" Split-Tail Bonita

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  • A small Dredge that projects a school of large baits which makes it much more visible to predators. A triple tier 6-arm bucket dredge teaser with 18 14" Split-Tail Bonita. Easy to deploy and retrieve and it all fits perfectly in the 5 gallon bucket it comes in.

    Split-Tails are not made with the EPDM rubber like all others teaser baits. These are made from a special material provide by Exon/Mobil which results in a much better bait. It is more durable and light weight and will not deteriorate and leave black marks on the boat. Our design includes a thinner double bait with bent split tail and a small slit in the upper body to easily add Flash Scales.

    This Dredge is supplied with Straight Split-Tail baits, not Enhanced type or with Flash-Scales.