Squid is a great bait for trolling, drifting or deep dropping but rigging one has always presented some problems. This rig should eliminate a lot of the guess work when rigging these squids. Simple and easy. Each rig can be adjusted for any size bait so there is not the need to make up a rig for each bait and no special beads, crimps, stops, floats or weights are needed and very little sewing.

Rigs are available with mono or cable and with each they will have a "Double Leader" inside the bait. In this demo we are rigging with a short cable leader.


All that is needed is rigging floss and sewing needle, open eye needle and a knife.


Step 1: Slide the tubing off the hook and position the hooks on the double leader where they will go into the bait.


Step 2: Slide the tubing back over the eye of the hook and lock it in place by tying a few half-hitches around the tubing.


Step 3: With the knife cut a small slit in the squid where the hook will go thru. Insert the open eye needle into the body and push it up thru the bait and out the slit.



Step 4: Loop the cable leader to the needle and pull the leader back down and out of the squid. Attach the rear hook to the loop on the leader.


Step 5: Insert the front hook thru the bait and the back hook thru the head.


Step 6: Sew around the mantle with the floss.


Skirts can be added or a number of other choices to enhance you rigged bait.