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Big Game Block & Tackle w/Triple Pulleys

The Triple pulley set up makes it even easier to haul in the biggest of catches.
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  • Big Eye are around in record numbers, and large fish on the whole are on the increase. Well we can't give you a stronger back or hone your stand-up fighting skills for you, but we CAN offer you a solid, well built block and tackle to make it much easier to get that slob in the boat once you've harpooned or gaffed it.

    3/8in spliced 3-strand nylon line, a dyneema mounting strap rated at 3,600lb, and two Ronstan 2-Axis Triple Pulleys with Shackles and S-hook, all easily stowed in a 24" x 8" tackle bag makes this portable block & tackle ideal for any size boat.

    The Dyneema mounting strap is attached to a cleat or Hard Top or Tower leg and a Tail Fin strap is looped around the tail fin of the fish. Both are attached to the S hooks on the pulleys.


    3/8" twisted nylon rated at over 3,000lbs

    Triple pulleys rated at 2,650lbs

    Dyneema strap  rated at 3,600lbs