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Big Eye-Bluefin-Wahoo - Trolling Set

If you are targeting Big Eye, Bluefin or Wahoo this is the Perfect go to set for any spread.
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  • Complete set of four trolling lures that do not require any addition of Ballyhoo. All rigged and ready to drop into your spread.

    Four of the most popular artificial lures that have proven time and again to catch. Each are best trolled with a 50lb outfit.

    Tuna Witch 6oz rigged with 8/0 stainless tuna hook w/600lb cable and 6ft 200lb Momoi mono.

    Bomber CD30 modified and rigged with 9/0 Golden Eye stainless hooks, 250lb split ring and 6ft of 200lb test Fluro Carbon.

    Wolfpack Head with Tail rigged with 8/0 Tuna hook and 6ft of 200lb Momoi mono.

    Tuna Witch 16oz rigged with 9/0 Tuna hook, 600lb cable and 6ft of 250lb Momoi mono.

    All are professionally rigged and ready to attach to your snap swivels. NO natural baits such as Ballyhoo are required to be rigged and added.