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Bally Short Shots - Needle Eye w/Ball Bearing Swivel & Chin Weight


Great rig anytime especially when the Wahoo are around. 2 per pack.

Starting From: $21.95

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  • A Premium Stainless needle eye hook 2x strong with cable and ball bearing swivel. Just long enough overall to prevent the Wahoo from taking your rig and lures. The cable is 275lb test and 5" long and the ball bearing swivel is rated at 200lb test on all hook sizes.

    7/0 hooks come with a 1/4oz chin weight and the 8/0, 9/0 and 10/0 come with 1/2oz. The pin is rigged with a 1/4" of lateral movement making it much easier to set the weight between the gill plates. Results in no bulging as in ring eye hooks.