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46oz Big Mojo Rig

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  • The Mojo Rig has been used on the Chesapeake for Striped Bass for years, but has just recently made the transition to the Atlantic.  Now the rest of the coast is catching onto what the Chesapeake anglers have known all along… these Rigs are extremely effective, especially for larger bass. The Mojo can be trolled by itself or in tandem with a lighter trailing Parachute stinger.

    To troll a Mojo by itself, send it to the bottom and either crank it up a foot or two, or just let it drag along the bottom. Troll at regular Striper trolling speed (2 to 3 knots). 

    To fish a Mojo Tandem Rig, simply add the Mojo to a 3-way swivel on about a 4ft leader. Then, attach the stinger to a 6ft leader on the other side of the 3-way swivel. Most often the stinger is much lighter and smaller than the heavy Mojo (2oz to 6oz parachutes recommended).  Troll in the same manner as individual Mojo.  

    This set-up is one of the easiest you can troll for Stripers, and it is without a doubt one of the most effective.

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