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16in 4-Arm 2-Way Reversible Striper Umbrella Rigged with 4 3D Stickbaits

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  • Umbrellas are effective, no two ways about it. With the recent popularity of the Alabama Rig, through the timeless reliability and productivity of the standard fixed umbrella for striped bass in the northeast, umbrella type rigs have been proven effective time and time again. But simply because something works, does that mean it shouldn’t be analyzed, questioned, improved upon?

    Not according to Tournament Cable. We took the basic umbrella rig & redefined it, worked in the features we always wanted in an umbrella rig, took out the features we didn’t like, got rid of the aspects that frustrated us, raised the bar on quality & production, & came out with something we as fisherman & engineers are pleased with.

    We started with a precision stainless steel machined hub, made right here in the USA, perfectly balanced, and durable enough to handle any sized fish. Then we added an Aussie Swivel, and incorporated free-swinging spring stainless arms for a more natural swimming action in the water. These arms also allow the entire rig to be fully reversible during the run-off, to decrease the pressure on the fish, line, and angler. The center line is rigged with 275lb cable and an AFW 60lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel.

    Because the Tournament Cable 2-Way Reversible Umbrella Rigs only fish one hook off the substantial center line/leader, it not only takes Striper/Rockfishing to a more SPORTING level, it eliminates the aggravation of hooking yourself, the boat, or other anglers during the end-game. All arms also have protective vinyl caps.

    Because bluefish can make such short work of soft baits, we chose to incorporate the Tournament Cable 3D Stickbaits as the bait-of-choice for our 2-Way Reversible Umbrellas. They are 1/8in thick, hard, will troll through the water with much less resistance than rubber baits, and much, much more durable than any rubber bait on the market. Bluefish will hang on these and scratch them up, but they cannot bite them off. You read that correctly — these baits are bluefish resistant. More than that though, they light up and flash like no other bait on the market, instantly drawing attention to your rig and attracting fish at an alarmingly effective rate. And now, featuring Tony Maja Bunker Spoons!

    The Tournament Cable 2-Way Reversible Striper Umbrellas have taken a time-tested classic to the next level. You’ve trolled the rest — now troll the best.

    Image: Shown here with Peanut Bunker