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Wind-On Leaders
Constructing the Double-Splice Wind-On
Anatomy of a Wind-On
To make a double-spliced wind-on leader with an 18" splice or to simply splice a leader into dacron, use the following tables as a guide:
Mono Diameter Dacron Length for 
(lb. test) (inches/mm) (lb. test) 18" splice 
600 .088/2.25 200 6' 
500 .078/2.00 200 6' 
400 .071/1.81 200 5' 
300 .061/1.56 130 5' 
250 .057/1.47 130 5' 
200 .052/1.33 130 5' 
175 .050/1.28 80 5' 
150 .046/1.17 80 5' 
130 .041/1.04 50 5' 
100 .035/.90 50 5' 
80 .032/.81 50 5' 
60 .029/.74 30 5' 
50 .024/.62 30 5' 
Cable Diameter Dacron Length for 
(lb. test/kgs.) (inches/mm) (lb. test) 18" splice 
600/273 .072/1.83 200 6' 
400/182 .054/1.37 130 5' 
275/125 .045/1.14 80 5' 
175/80 .036/.92 80 5' 
  • Mono does not have to be scratched or nicked before splicing.
  • Do not use heat shrink tubing on mono/dacron connection.
  • If you pull a thread during splicing, start over with a new length of dacron.
  • When glueing the half hitches, only use a limited amount and do not use a super glue that will eat the mono.
  • Make the serving of half hitches at the point where the dacron meets the leader as short and as compact as possible. This is the point where a leader will get caught in the rod guides which will eventually cause a leader to fail.
  • Do not make long splices. Too much line will have to be taken off the reel for the wind-on to fit.
  • There is no diff. in black or greenspot dacron. Both work well. However, the greenspot will make any flaws show up easier than black, torn or loose threads. Use greenspot if you can and if you want it black for looks, use a black laundry marker.
    Use the following tables as a guide to match wind-ons with the type of fishing you will be doing and the tackle you will be using.
    Tackle Cable Wind-On Mono Wind-On 
    20 lb. 175 lb. 50 - 100 lb. 
    30 lb. 175 - 275 lb. 50 - 150 lb. 
    50 lb. 175 - 400 lb. 50 - 250 lb. 
    80 lb. 175 - 600 lb. 100 - 500 lb. 
    130 lb. 275 - 600 lb. 200 - 600 lb. 
    Wind-On Use 
    50 - 100 lb. mono       trolling for dolphin, sailfish, white marlin, chunking for tuna
    130 - 175 lb. mono trolling with natural baits, artificial baits and chunking, same as above
    200 - 250 lb. mono trolling with natural baits, artificial baits, chunking for giant bluefin tuna
    300 - 600 lb. mono trolling with artificial baits, combo with shark rig, blue marlin, etc.
    NOTE: Size of wind-on depends on size of fish and how your baits are affected by the wind-on.
    Wind-On Use 
    175/275 lb. cable       sharking and trolling artificials or naturals
    175/600 lb. cable sharking, trolling big baits and lures
  • Trolling with cable wind-ons will help the baits track better in heavy weather and run deeper in all conditions.
  • Make sure enough line has been taken off the reel for the wind-on to fit properly.
  • Be sure the wind-on does not bunch up on the reel when reeling in a fish as it will jam against the cross bar. A cable wind-on will quickly eat the metal in this situation.
  • Do not force or jerk the wind-on through the guides of the rods or the release clips. This is how they fail. You could partially pull the leader out of the dacron and you might not notice until it's to late.
  • The wind-on leader and the leader you attach to your baits or lures do not have to match. There can be some variation.
    If you would like more information or have any questions, please call Tournament Cable at 1-800-979-3474. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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