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Item:   800LL-STTW
Desc:   Laceration Lures Tailwalker Surface Teaser
Price:   $119.95
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Head Diameter - 2.8 inches
Head Length - 4.3 inches
Skirted length - 18-20 inches
Skirted Weight - 27 oz
Max. Leader - 3.2mm

TAILWALKER (Slanted/Cupped face) also known as the "magic teaser" by some
Action - Slides, pops and jumps.  This teaser will basically turn and slide to the outside on the face of a wave, then eventually pop and dig, and pull back to the middle.  It will also go into go into a "jumping pattern" every now and then that looks just like a small Mahi charging - it jumps nice and straight.  Not too aggressive, but not a lazy teaser.
Position -2nd or 3rd wave.  2nd wave produces more of a jumping action; 3rd wave produces more side to side movement.

Rigged with 500lb Momoi leader.

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