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Item:   800D-B1
Desc:   Tournament Cable Dredge Teaser Boom
Price:   $179.95
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As effective as we all know Dredge Teasers are, pulling one from a center console can be very challenging to say the least. So we took the whole concept back to the drawing board, and came up with the Tournament Cable Teaser Boom. This simple yet effective piece of hardware overcomes all the obstacles normally associated with fishing dredges on center consoles, and at the same time gives the ability for smaller boats to be able to pull the same dredges as the bigger boats.

Pulling dredges from the riggers is the ideal set-up as it keeps the dredge in the clear water and out of the prop wash. However many times with smaller boats this is not an option, as the riggers are not strong enough to handle the dredges. So while pulling a dredge from a stern cleat may be effective, it presents a few problems:

First….. the dredge is located right in the prop wash making it very difficult to see clearly when a fish come up into it. Being in the turbulent wash will also have an adverse effect on the teaser baits.

Next…. Stern cleats on center consoles are very close to the outboard motor, which may prove hazardous when making turns and during the end-game. Many dredges have been lost and tow lines fouled in the props in this exact situation.

Lastly…… The beam on a center console is very limited, and pulling a dredge from a one stern cleat or both can greatly impact your overall spread.

Again, pulling a teaser from a stern cleat works, but it is definitely not ideal. Enter now the Tournament Cable Teaser Boom - fabricated with heavy-wall anodized aluminum pipe, the Tournament Cable Teaser Boom fits right in a rod holder and extends out from the side of the boat 4ft. Not only does this position the dredge out of the prop wash and increases the spread width, the tow line is also now far enough away from the motors to prevent wrapping.

The machined gimbal end of the boom is completely adjustable so the boom can be optimally positioned from any rod holder regardless of type and angle (a common flat head screw driver is all that’s needed to make the adjustment). The pulley at the end of each Tournament Cable Teaser Boom is a heavy duty ball bearing type pulley, and will easily handle the largest of teasers. The cleat mounted on top of the boom is positioned to allow anglers to quickly cleat the tow line off at the correct distance.

The Tournament Cable Teaser Boom was designed for the use with a hand-line for towing, but a reel can be added and secured with standard stainless hose clamps directly onto the boom.

Quick, easy, versatile, effective, and affordable: The Tournament Cable Teaser Boom puts you in contention with the big boats, but is practical, effective, and priced with the center console in mind. Just another innovation from Tournament Cable.

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