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Mate Savers
Item:   200- L096
Desc:   The Original Mate Saver - Rigged Set of Six
Price:   $149.95
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This light tackle lure has an action like none other, and in colors that pop and light up, has proven absolutely irresistible to fish.  Measuring 8in x 5/8in, this lure is excellent for Tuna, Mahi, Wahoo, Whites, and Sails (ideal for the Florida Keys).  Its signature wobble and swim makes it absolutely stand out from the crowd.  Fashioned in the time-proven "Carolina Style" and constructed with the finest and most advanced of materials, this lure is easy to use and easy to prove.  Plus it's lightweight to prevent jumping fish from throwing the hook easily, and it's a great alternative to ballyhoo.  Best fished from a long rigger or a flatline, this lure lives up to its name, and at such a reasonable price you owe it to yourself to have a few in your arsenal. 

All Mate Savers come rigged with 6ft 150lb Momoi Mono, and an 8/0 2x Strong 34007 Mustad Hook.

Lure Type - Carolina Regional Favorite
Head Diameter - 0.8in
Head Length - 3.5in
Skirted Length - 7-8in
Skirted Weight - 1.3-1.5oz
Max Leader - 3.3mm
Skirt Size - 22

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