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Harpoon Accessories
Item:   100B-13SD
Desc:   Stainless Arrow Dart w/3600lb Dyneema
Price:   $79.95
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Typical harpoon setups are comprised of a dart rigged with between 30 — 36 inches of 1/4 in Nylon or 1/8 in Stainless Cable, attaching to a dart line either loop to loop or with a snap. At Tournament Cable, we have taken this seasoned standard and integrated the finest of modern materials, bringing you a unique rigging that is second to none.

Incorporating 3ft of 3,600lb test, 4mm Dyneema, the line used on the Tournament Cable is half the diameter of the 1/4 in Nylon, and just a few thousands of an inch larger than the 1/8 in Cable. Unlike Cable, the rigged Dyneema lays flat on the dart with no bulging, wide loop or fat cumbersome crimp. This results in a much slimmer, more flexible dart/line connection, which also makes for less resistance, and a cleaner more streamlined entry into the target. While being more durable, the Dyneema is also a softer, more flexible material, and has a much higher abrasion resistance. It lasts much longer than a typical 3-strand line, and does not harden upon exposure to the elements. All these factors taken into consideration, rigging with Dyneema is simply the better option.

1/4in 3-Strand Nylon has a breaking strength of about 1,400lbs.
1/8in 304 7x7 Stainless has a breaking strength of about 1,700lbs.
4mm Dyneema has a breaking strength of about 3,600lbs.

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