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ALSO SEE: Stocking Stuffers
ALSO SEE: Stocking Stuffers
A list of single packaged items that will fit perfectly in your favorite anglers' Christmas stockings!  The same quality standard items that we always have, offered at unbeatable prices for this holiday season!
 Item #  Description  Price   
 12S-01  Islander Lure Rigged w/8ft mono, 34007 9/0 and spring  $24.95  Add to Cart
 12S-02  Joe Shute Lure Rigged w/8ft mono, 34007 9/0 and spring   $24.95  Add to Cart
 12S-03  The Original Mate Saver - Rigged   $19.95  Add to Cart
 12S-04  7" Gooney Plug Rigged  $39.95  Add to Cart
 12S-05  Tuna Traps Pack of 2  $11.95  Add to Cart
 12S-06  Mate Savor Senior Rigged  $39.95  Add to Cart
 12S-07  Islander Bally Hood Rigged  $15.95  Add to Cart
 12S-08  Pin Rig 9/0 Needle Eye Mustad Hook w/6ft #10 Wire - 3 Pack   $10.95  Add to Cart
 12S-09  9/0 Double Hook Rig w/5ft 400lb Cable, 3oz Swivel & 2 3D Stickbaits   $19.95  Add to Cart
 12S-10  3D Stickbait 9" Replacement Flashers 6 Pack   $19.95  Add to Cart
 12S-11  CD-30 Boomber for Stripers  $15.95  Add to Cart
 12S-12  Tony Maja #1 Peanut Bunker Spoon   $23.95  Add to Cart
 12S-13  Gift Certificate Reg.$100.00  $85.00  Add to Cart
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