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Striper Chains & Mini Rigs
Tom & Jason steadily producing with a Mini Rig
Striper Chains & Mini Rigs

Mini Rigs and Striper Chains are made for Casting or Trolling ahead of you lure or natural baits. If attached to a plug such as a Stretch, no additional weight is required. These small 5” 3D Stick Baits add just the right amount of flash, and will attract what it is you’re after. Long enough to create a small Daisy Chain effect and still short enough for easy casting into the surf — Tournament Cable Mini Rigs are the way to go.

While effective on any type fish, these rigs are proving to be extremely effective for striped bass. Combine that effectiveness with the bluefish-proof baits, and with these rigs you spend more time catching and less time replacing baits.

Two types of these rigs are available: one with 3 stand-off arms, and one with 3 swivel sleeves. Each rig is constructed with a 90lb test ball bearing snap swivel.

Another Sub-Chain we offer is a perfect addition to run ahead of any deep running lure such as a Stretch or even a Spoon. The small Gooney Birds create so much action the lure becomes a great target.

Rigged with 275lb test cable this chain is impervious to the nasty Bluefish bites.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 621-01  Striper/Chain w/150lb. Mono & AFW 70lb Snap Swivel  $18.95  Add to Cart
 621-02  Striper/Chain w/175lb. Cable & AFW 70lb Snap Swivel  $21.95  Add to Cart
 621-03  Striper Sub-Chain with Gooney Birds  $42.95  Add to Cart
 625- 20  Inline Swivel Sleeve Mini Rig w/275lb Stainless Cable  $14.95  Add to Cart
 625-50  Striper Chain Kit w/4 Chains & 24 Baits in Plano Box  $99.95  Add to Cart
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