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Circle Hook Shark Rigs & Dyneema Leaders
Circle Hook Shark Rigs & Dyneema Leaders

Because of the emerging popularity of circle hooks in sharking, Tournament Cable has incorporated this new trend with the latest in materials technology to bring you the first Dyneema leader. Dyneema is a braided line that has the diameter of 400lb Mono, yet is significantly stronger and much harder to bite through. It’s more supple than Mono for better live action with no line memory, and it’s easier to handle than wire or cable. Hand spliced with attention spent on detail, you don’t want to miss this.

However, if you’re hesitant to try the new, we have the good old standards of Circle Hooks rigged on Cable and Mono. And as always, if you see something you need and it’s not listed here, give us a call and we’ll custom make it for you.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 200SKR-12D  10ft 890lb test Dyneema Leader w/300lb Welded Ring  $19.95  Add to Cart
 200SKR-161  Single 18/0 Circle Hook w/5ft 400lb Mono & 3oz Swivel  $13.95  Add to Cart
 200SKR-161M  Single 18/0 Circle Hook w/5ft 600lb Cable, 400lb Mono & 3oz Swivel  $16.95  Add to Cart
 200SKR-16M  Double 18/0 Circle Hook with 5ft 600lb cable, 400lb mono & 3oz swivel  $19.95  Add to Cart
 200SKR30-0  3oz Lead Swivel, 1000lb Test - 3 Pack  $18.95  Add to Cart
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