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Rigged Spreader Bars
Rigged Spreader Bars

There are no other bars on the market like a Tournament Cable Spreader Bar; none can even come close to the quality of materials or rigging. 

One look at the hub and you can see a precision machined hub made of stainless steel - no drilled plastic or molded egg sinkers here.  Each hub comes rigged with a 350lb test Aussie swivel for attaching the main center line.


Bars are Titanium and come in 1/8” (Heavy Flex) or 3/32” (Medium Flex).
- Medium Flex bars are for lighter teasers baits such as the small Tuna Bits, or 9” Shell Squids etc.
- Heavy Flex are for heavier teasers baits such as large Tuna Bits, or the full body 9” squids.

Teaser lines are all 150lb test Momoi, and the center line is 250lb test.  Hooks are Mustad 7691 Southern Tuna style. The center line on all bars is terminated with a 250lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel for the ease of changing Stingers.

Larger Stinger lures are rigged with 600lb test stainless cable inside the skirt, and smaller Stinger lures are rigged with double leader inside the skirt.

Chafe gear is applied on all connections necessary.

Rigged with cable.

Rigged with double leader.

All bars are balanced in-house, and all crimp connections are made with the proper bench-crimping tools. Rigged bars are suppled and shipped in a custom storage bag.

All teaser lures and stinger lures are made in the USA.

Tuna Snack Stingers large and small.

Tuna Bit Teaser baits.
 Item #  Description  Price   
 402TSM-36SET  Set of Four Rigged 36in Spreader Bars in Assorted Colors w/Tuna Bits & Stingers  $424.95  Add to Cart
 402TSM-36W  Killer White Spreader Bar  $159.95  Add to Cart
 402TSM-MB  36in Tuna Bit Spreader Bar w/7 Small Tuna Bits & Rigged Lure Stinger  $129.95  Add to Cart
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