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Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel

Trolling a Spanish Makerel for big Marlin is a favorite in quite a few spreads. The rig is available in mono or cable and in either case it will have a "Double Leader" in the bait. As you go thru these instructions you will see there is a number of ways to rig.

This rig comes in Cable or Mono and all that's needed is an open eye needle, awl, sewing needle, and rigging floss.

Step 1: Slide the tubing off the hook eye and adjust the hooks according to where they will be in the bait.

Step 2: After adjusting the hooks, slide the tube back over the eye and secure with a couple of half-hitches around the tubing. This will ensure the hook will not slide when troleed.

Step 3: Rmove the back hook from the cable rig and insert the open eye needle into the vent. Push the needle up into the bait and exit at the gil plates. Connect the loop of the rig to the needle and pull the cable back tru the bait and out the vent.

Step 4: With the loop out of the vent, attach the rear hook.

Step 5: Center the awl in the head and put a hole thru the bait for the front hook.

Step 6: Insert the front hook into the head of the bait and make sure the back hook is set also.

Step 7: With the sewing needle close the gills and sew around the hook and mouth. The sewing should be up to the rigger as we all have certain methods.

Skirts may be added or anything else you normally use.

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