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Boston Mackerel
Boston Mackerel

These are the basic rigging instructions for our New Double Hook rig. As you will see there are many rigging variations you could apply and to just about any bait. We are showing here a Boston Mackerel being rigged for drifting while Shark fishing and all that’s needed.

Rigging Floss, an Open Eye Needle and an Ice Pick is all that’s needed to rig any bait.

Step 1: Slide the Eye Tubing off the eye towards the leader end. Position the rear hook where it will come out of the baits. Slide the front hook down the cable to where it will be positioned in the head.

Step 2: Slide the tubing back over the cable and the eye of the hook. Leave an equal amount of tube on both sides of the eye. This tubing is sized to be a tight fit so you might have to wet it a little. With the rigging floss tie a couple of knots around the tubing and cable. This secures the front hook and will prevent it from sliding.

Step 3: Remove the rear hook from the rig.

Step 4: Insert the open eye needle into the bait and push it up thru the bait and out the gill plates. Attach the loop end of the cable rig to the open eye of the needle and pull the cable back down and out of the bait.

Step 5: Attach the rear hook back onto the cable rig.

Step 6: First insert the rear hook into the bait and then the front hook. If going thru the head as pictured here you might find it easier to punch a hole thru the head first with the ice pick.

Step 7: A skirt can be slid over the end of the leader and down to the bait.

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