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Koga Hooks
Koga Hooks
The shape of the hook retains the advantages of an open gap for “grasping” and an inward conical point allowing quicker and deeper penetration. The ratio of shank to point is perfect for trolling This shape suits both “lure draggers” and “bait chunkers”.

As requested hook points are EVEN SHARPER!

Koga Hooks are sold in packages described below.


8/0Stainless Steel1?2 5/8?3 Pack
9/0Stainless Steel1 1/4?2 7/8?3 Pack
10/0Stainless Steel1 1/2?3 3/8?2 Pack
11/0Stainless Steel1 3/4?3 3/4?2 Pack
12/0Stainless Steel1 15/16?4?2 Pack
14/0Stainless Steel2 5/8?5 1/8?2 Pack
 Item #  Description  Price   
 810-KH080  8/0 Koga Hook - 2pk  $12.95  Add to Cart
 810-KH090  9/0 Koga Hook - 2pk  $14.95  Add to Cart
 810-KH100  10/0 Koga Hook - 2pk  $16.95  Add to Cart
 810-KH110  11/0 Koga Hook - 2pk  $19.95  Add to Cart
 810-KH120  12/0 Koga Hook - 2pk  $23.95  Add to Cart
 810-KH140  14/0 Koga Hook - 2pk  $26.95  Add to Cart
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