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Pulleys - Dredge
Single Pulley Set-Up for Dredge Teasers
Pulleys - Dredge

Dredge Pulleys are used to lessen the amount of force required to pull in a heavy dredge teaser.Some dredges are so large and heavy the teaser reels just can’t handle the amount of drag these teasers create. Using a single block pulley will lessens the amount of drag by at least half, or more if you’re using a double set-up. All you have to do is attach the snap connection to the rigger ring or reel clamp, and run your teaser line through the sheaves. Then tie the end off to the becket on the pulley, and you are in business.

Tag lines are used to pull dredges boatside that are being towed from a rigger position (run the teaser line through the block before attaching it to the dredge; the other end of the tag line would be in the cockpit).

Tag lines are made with 15ft of 3600lb test Dyneema, hand spliced, and very easy to handle.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 600-02D  Rigger Dredge Pulley with Snap  $30.95  Add to Cart
 600-03D  Stainless Snaps-Pack of 2  $11.95  Add to Cart
 900-01P  Single Sheave Pulley w/ Heavy 450lb BB Snap Swivel  $24.95  Add to Cart
 900-01SET  Dredge Pulley Set-Up Large Rigger Pulley and Small Dredge Pulley   $64.95  Add to Cart
 900-15TL  15ft Tag Line 3,600lb Test Dyneema w/Pulley  $44.95  Add to Cart
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