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Bearing Lures
Bearing Lures

What is unique about Bearing Lures is that the skirt and hookset are independent of the head, allowing the head to spin with the motion of the seas, and allowing the rest of the lure to remain static.  This allows the hooks to run straight, prevents the skirt from getting tangled up in the hook set, stops the lure from flopping, and all in all presents a much more stable target for the fish to hit. 

While Bearing Lures are not a new concept, these have been taken back to the drawing board to improve the standard of quality.  High-impact resin, acetal/glass bearings, marine-grade 316SS stainless, hand fitted and keyed – they have been produced for action and endurance.  They held up to the gamut of testing in R&D, satisfied all our tests and simulations in the shop, and have proven their mettle in the field.  Skirts are interchangeable within the sizes as well, so rigging options are readily available.  These may not be the first when it comes to Bearing Lures, but when it comes to quality they certainly are the highest.


Whereas traditional Hawaiian-style lures boast a hookup rate of about 50%, Bearing Lures boast about 80%-85% according to captains in the field.  That extra 30% is why we decided to start offering them: they’re worth the investment.

All Bearing Lures are rigged with QuickRig Stainless Steel Hooks, and Momoi Mono.  Bearing Lures come with a single hook set.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 800LL- C30  Rigged Bearing Lure - Cuban Hole 30  $74.95  Add to Cart
 800LL- C50  Rigged Bearing Lure - Cuban Hole 50  $84.95  Add to Cart
 800LL- KB4  Bearing Lure - Rigged Set of Four in Lure Bag  $279.95  Add to Cart
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