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Double J-Hook Rigs
Double J-Hook Rigs

The Patented Double Hook Cable Rig is a significant development in the rigging of natural baits. Because of the patented design, Ballyhoo can be rigged with two hooks quite easily and still maintain the natural swimming action of the bait. This innovative rig allows you to customize by using any two hooks you prefer, and the rig is completely adjustable for all sizes of bait. It is made using a high-tech stainless steel cable that is not only more flexible than mono but is twice as flexible as standard 49-strand cable. The rig is highly durable and fully adjustable, which means it can be used over and over with a variety of bait or lure sizes.

Rigs come in a variety of hook sizes and cable pound tests to fit whatever size baits you are rigging. The cable will prevent cut-offs from toothy fish such as Wahoo and Kingfish.

Each 7/0 8/0 and 9/0 rig is made with our 270lb. test high tech, ultra flexible stainless cable. The 11/0 12/0 and 13/0 is made using 480lb. test cable.

Ballyhoo bait rigging video.

For step by step instructions, you will enjoy the video "Beyond the Basic Ballyhoo". This video explains in detail how to rig Ballyhoo four ways using our double hook cable rigs - each rigging method to help with things like weeds, short strikes/cut-offs and spit hooks. Also, the video explains three methods to fish Tuna Trap inside a Butterfish for those of you that like to "Chunk" (for LINE SHY tuna this is a must see). With direct and to the point directions, this video is all about rigging natural baits. You will also see how you can apply the double hook cable rig to Mullet, Spanish Macs, Squid, Strip baits and Eels and not lose any natural action.

Click HERE for a complete list of Rigging Tools and Accessories.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 200-DHT080  8/0 Double Hook Cable Rig w/Mustad 3412C Needle Eye  $12.95  Add to Cart
 200-DHT090  9/0 Double Hook Cable Rig w/Mustad 3412C Needle Eye  $14.50  Add to Cart
 200-DHT100  10/0 Double Hook Cable Rig w/Mustad 3412C Needle Eye  $16.95  Add to Cart
 800-DHCR-KT  Kit with 14 Double Hook Cable Rigs w/Mustad 3412C  $194.95  Add to Cart
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