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Split-Tails with FlasfhScales
Split-Tail Mullet,Ballyhoo and Bonita are our newest teaser baits. Thinner and doubled creates more lifelike action on any dredge teaser.

Now also featuring a more innovative design, with bent tails for even MORE natural action!

After a considerable amount of research, and trial & error, Tournament Cable is now offering soft teaser baits made from a material with features and benefits like no other: Split-Tails.

Split-Tails are constructed with Santoprene, a far superior material developed by ExxonMobil labs. Unlike the standard rubber used in other teaser baits, after repeated use this exclusive material will not break down, will not deteriorate, nor will it leave black marks on any part of the boat. 


Consistent High Performance
Excellent UV Resistance
Excellent Fatigue Resistance offers more flexibility and action
Minimal Moisture Absorption
Will not deteriorate after exposure to the elements
Will not leave black marks on the deck

Split-Tails are doubled 1/16" which provides more natural action. A Slit has been positioned in each bait to easily attach Mylar Flash. This flash gives the appearance of shinny scales as in a natural bait fish.

Adding a few strips of Flash Scales is easy, quick and will enhance the natural appearance of any of the Split Tail baits.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 001-ST1  Split-Tail Ballyhoo 9" 6pk. No Flash  $24.95  Add to Cart
 001-ST2  Split-Tail Mullet 9" 6pk. No Flash  $24.95  Add to Cart
 001-ST3  Split-Tail Bonita 14" 2pk. No Flash  $24.95  Add to Cart
 001-ST4  Flash Scale kit  $14.95  Add to Cart
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