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Artificial dredge bait rigging has long been a labor intensive process that has consumed many a night and many a case of beer.  Enter the Tournament Cable Wire Rigging System – no more mono, crimps, chin-weights, or tying.  This simple, streamlined system will have your baits rigged in no time, with the weights completely hidden inside the baits for optimal hydrodynamics and a much more natural looking bait that will swim unhindered.  Check out the video to see just how it works, and simplify the way you rig your dredge baits.  You’ll be glad you did.

NEW! Downsea Pre-Rigged Shads in 9" or 12".

No rigging a weight to the head..it has been molded inside the bait.
No rigging with mono ..the wire has been molded in the bait.
No stitching with floss.
No notching the tail..it was notched when molded.
Stronger and more durable rubber material unlike any others.

All rigged and ready to attach to any dredge teaser.

 Item #  Description  Price   
 800S - 09  9in Shad - Individual  $2.95  Add to Cart
 800S - 12  12in Shad - Individual  $4.95  Add to Cart
 80DS-09  9" DownSea Pre-Rigged Shad  $7.95  Add to Cart
 80DS-12  12" DownSea Pre-Rigged Shad  $11.95  Add to Cart
 810R - KL  Shad Complete Kit with Long Springs  $89.95  Add to Cart
 810R - KS  Shad Complete Kit with Short Springs  $79.95  Add to Cart
 810R - SL  Shad Long Springs 4in - Pack of 10  $10.95  Add to Cart
 810R - SS  Shad Short Springs 2.5in - Pack of 10  $8.95  Add to Cart
 810R - TC  Shad Brass Cavity Tool  $19.95  Add to Cart
 810R - TL  Shad 5lb Spool of 1/4" Lead, Approx 20ft  $36.95  Add to Cart
 810R - TS  Shad Brass Spring Tool  $14.95  Add to Cart
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